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Hello, I'm Samuel Seymour and I am a private Science and Maths tutor. I tutor both in person and online.

I graduated Matthew Flinders Anglican College in 2017 with an ATAR 99 and have since tutored over 200 students based in Brisbane.

I am currently based in Brisbane at Saint Lucia as a university student and service Brisbane students online and in-person.

If you are looking for a young, relatable and experienced maths tutor you've come to the right place.

Seymour Tutors have tutored over 200 students from Years 3 to 12 in all levels of maths, physics and chemistry as well as University level undergraduate and masters levels.

Seymour Tutors has also been very popular since its inception and I have hired multiple local maths tutors to add to our team. My math tutors are handpicked, male and female, and go through rigorous interviews, testing and training to become a Seymour Tutor.


My accreditation's are
  • An ATAR 99.3 , A+ in Maths Methods, Maths Specialist and Physics.
  • Experience in tutoring over 100 students in all difficulty levels including Maths Specialist, Maths Methods, Maths General, Junior Maths as well as High School and Junior Physics.
  • 4 Years of Diverse Experience as a Maths and Physics Tutor


Tuition is $85 per hour OR it's $10 off for weekly students! If you're looking for a weekly tutor, it's only $75 an hour.

First Online session is $20 for students to try out and get a sense of the benefits of online tutoring.

First In-Person session is $45.


I want to impress you from your very first session. So, I personally guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your first session with Seymour Tutors I will personally refund the session cost. I will personally work out what the problem was and I will find a solution to fix it. That is my promise to you and The Seymour Satisfaction Guarantee.


IN PERSON ONE-TO-ONE TUTORING: Individual one on one tutoring usually occurs at my home in Saint Lucia or at the UQ library.

IN HOME ONE-TO-ONE TUTORING: Individual tutoring at your home is offered with an extra travel fee.

ONLINE ONE-TO-ONE TUTORING: Individual online tutoring sessions via Skype and Miro are available. I have created a youtube video here to show you how this works. A computer and internet connection is all that is required.

GROUP TUTORING: Group tutoring sessions are available and are typically run on weekends.


I can tutor both weekdays and weekends. Any time is possible!

The most popular times have been 3:35, 4:40, 5:45 Monday through to Thursday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Contact me on 0403 855 880 or my email and I'd love to talk about your maths situation!


TPP MATHEMATICS: We have experience in tutoring Tertiary Pathway Programs for mathematics at The University of Queensland. For example, TPP115 and TPP104 .

CHEMISTRY: We have experience in Chemistry tutoring and I personally achieved an A standard in this subject.

PHYSICS: We have experience in physics tutoring and I personally achieved an A standard in this subject.

UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND MATHS TUTORING: We have experience in tutoring university level maths tutoring.

NDIS TUTORING: We have experience using the NDIS system. We are not a registered provider however are happy to work with you or your case manager.

LANTITE EXAM PREPARATION: We have experience helping education students to study for their Lantite assessment in numeracy and literacy.


All of The Brisbane Area