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Hi, I'm Samuel Seymour and I'm a private Science and Mathematics tutor. I tutor both in person and online. If you're looking for a young, relatable and experienced maths tutor, you've come to the right place.

I graduated with an ATAR 99 and have been tutoring for over 5 years. I love it! I also hire talented tutors who can provide an exceptional tutoring service themselves.

5+ Years Experience

10+ Tutors

Only 1 in 20 tutor applicants succeed in joining my team. They share a median ATAR of 99 and are some of the top high school graduates. A lot of them are medical students!

In Canberra, We Tutor In-Person, Online, or In-Home for...



4 to 6

Maths Tutor


7 to 10



11 to 12

We teach the subjects we love to our students

Our Guarantee

I want to impress you from your very first session. So, I personally guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your first session with Seymour Tutors I will personally refund the session cost. I will personally work out what the problem was and I will find a solution to fix it. That is my promise to you and The Seymour Satisfaction Guarantee.


Maths Advanced Maths Methods Maths General/Standard Physics Chemistry Biology Junior Maths and Science

Weekly Tutoring

$ 75
  • Academic Out-Performers
  • Our Tutors Share a Median ATAR of 99

  • Excellent Reviews and Experience
  • We've Averaged 4.9 Stars from 50+ Reviews Over 6 Years

  • Individually Endorsed
  • Our Tutors are Coached, Tested and Certified by Sam, the Founder of Seymour Tutors

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