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Are you someone who loves maths or science, has good communication skills and is eager to teach others?

“Tutoring is rewarding, has flexible hours and offers great pay”

Seymour Tutors offers tutoring positions that are fun, flexible and pay over $40 per hour. You can work the days and hours that suit you! This can be online, in person or at the student’s home (paid travel too).

Seymour Tutors specialises in maths and science tutoring. We service students from Years 6 to Year 12. Our tutors range from primary school specialists to senior whizzes.

Why Seymour Tutors?


Guaranteed Payments

Competitive Pay

Learning Resources Provided

Experience & Growth Opportunities

Pay Starts from $40 per Hour

We'll Provide the Resources and Training to Get You Started

You Choose What Students You Take On, When You Tutor Them and Where

We Guarantee Your Lessons So You Know You'll Receive Whats Owed

No Experience? No Problem. We'll Train You Up from Scratch

Why tutor with us? We want to be the best tutoring company for tutors by tutors. From learning resources to a vast supportive network of highly talented mathematicians and med students, you’re in good hands.

Tutor Testimonials

“Working with Seymour Tutors has been great. Even as a student Seymour Tutors is flexible and easy.”
“As a university student, Seymour Tutors offered great pay and was highly rewarding. I thoroughly recommend them.”
Luke Funnell Student
Luke F
Past Tutor
"The fact Seymour Tutors brought the clients to me made everything so easy. I could even work in the comfort of my own home."
Luke Amos Student
Luke A

Start your journey towards sharing your passion by applying now.

The Application Process


Apply on Website

Apply by Clicking the Apply Now Button and Completing Our Questionnaire


Receive Callback

If We Think You’d Be a Fit, We’ll Give You a Call and Discuss the Role with You

Within 2 Weeks

Mock Tutoring Session

We Send Questions to You and Within 2 Weeks of the Phone Interview, We Conduct a 1.5 Hour Mock Tutoring Interview with Samuel Seymour

Within 2 Weeks

After a Day or Two

Offer of Contract

If You Are Successful in the Previous Rounds, We’ll Send a Contract Through For You to Sign

After a Day or Two

Recent Graduate or Seasoned Veteran, There's a Spot for You.


How it works is after an interview and training process, we would take you on as a tutor. You tell us how many students you want and whenever Seymour Tutors gets contacted by a client who wants tutoring, Seymour Tutors will contact you to ask to assign the client to you unless you’re already booked out. You can choose whether you want the student or not. If you do, we pass their contact details on to you. You set up a time with them and do the session anywhere you or the client want. If you agree to travel to them, travel is paid if the client pays for it too. After the session, we've made it really easy for you to log in to our system, hit an add lesson button and you're done. We pay you for the session the following Monday. As you need more students, you can just ask.

Seymour Tutors looks for individuals who excel in maths or science, have good communication and organisation skills and are eager to share their knowledge with others.

By clicking the Apply Now button above, you will start the process. We review your application and will let you know if we think you’re suitable. We’ll set up a time for a call so you can get to know us a bit better. After this, we then follow up with an online tutoring interview between yourself and Sam. After this stage, we will let you know if you’ve been successful.

Tutors can take on as many students as they like! There is no minimum or maximum. When tutors first start out, they typically like to take on 4 hours per week to become more comfortable before moving up to 6 to 10 hours per week.

We pay you for your previous weeks sessions via Electronic Funds Transfer on Monday every week.

If you have existing students, you may keep those tutoring relationships going while working with us. We don't have anything to do with them! However, all new and incoming clients will need to come from us, of which we have plenty.

We look for tutors who can tutor in maths mainly, in addition to physics, chemistry and biology. Tutors can choose which of these subjects they tutor in. Tutors generally tutor in the subjects they are most interested in.

There are financial incentives that increase your rate per hour the more students you take on. These are discussed during the interview stage.

Just apply! It’s free and there’s no harm in trying. We review every application, so just put your best foot forward and take the plunge.

Tutors may tutor online in which case we use Skype and Zoom in addition to Miro, our online whiteboard.

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